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Scroll gives users a sanctioned way to get an ad-free experience on the sites they already go to. Consumers pay a monthly membership fee that is distributed to the sites they visit.

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What is Scroll?

Scroll is a consumer membership which enables a fast, clean, ad-free experience across a growing network of sites. It pays publishers on average 50% more money per user than advertising does.

Scroll works with the way consumers actually discover content, either directly on your site or in apps like Twitter, Reddit and Flipboard. The publisher’s connection with their audience remains intact and the publisher controls the experience they deliver. We’re building a sustainable business model that reduces the industry's reliance on digital ads, while putting the user first.

A desktop and phone show the same article, with the reading place saved by Scroll technology.

How is revenue distributed?

Up to 70% of the Scroll membership fee is distributed directly to publishers. Publishers earn, on average, 50% more per user than ads would have. Distribution is based on time spent and loyalty—the member only supports the sites they visit.

Our revenue estimation tool can help you understand how Scroll distributes money and estimate how much more revenue you’ll earn.

Sample view of Scroll's revenue estimation tool, which allows you to input your revenue number to get individual estimates.

What does Scroll integration look like?

Our developer guide helps you understand how Scroll easily integrates into your site. You should never trust anyone that tells a publisher “just one line of JavaScript,” but…

A basic Scroll integration has two steps:

  • Add a minified JavaScript snippet that tracks the engagement of Scroll users and adds the Scroll bar to the bottom of the page.
  • Ensure ads and specified trackers don’t load when a Scroll user is detected.
A sample of Scroll's developer resources, providing information about how Scroll works and how to set it up.

How does user acquisition work?

You make money for every member you sign up for Scroll. Publish a blog post or tweet, or run house ad campaigns that promote Scroll to your audience. Some partners target under-monetized audiences (i.e. people using an ad blocker), or people who are unlikely to subscribe to other paid services. Our user acquisition affiliate program earns you 20% of a user’s membership fee for up to 6 months.

Sample view of Scroll's user acquisition, on a fictional Scroll partner site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t this cannibalize existing subscription revenues?

No. Scroll doesn’t give members a free pass through paywalls. For example, if a Scroll member reads their limit of free articles on The Atlantic, then they still see a paywall. If a Scroll member also subscribes to The Atlantic, then all the paywalled articles will also be ad-free. We believe a cleaner experience for the user encourages better engagement, and that would increase the market size of potential subscribers for a particular publisher.

What does ad-free mean?

Scroll partner sites are required to remove display ads, video pre-roll, advertising trackers, paid recirculation widgets, ad block nags, popups/interstitials and other intrusive messaging (including house ads).

Scroll does not grant members access beyond paywalls. Members will see the same messaging / paywalls that any other non-subscriber would. Affiliate links and custom in-house native advertising are also both fine to keep.

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